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Goldie the Unicorn by Mary Smith Book Summary

Goldie is a beautiful unicorn. One day she was playing and became lost. She finds a pink castle and a lovely little fairy named Angie. Angie and the other fairies decide to help Goldie find her family. Find out what happens next!

This book is especially great for traveling, waiting rooms, a and reading aloud at home.

*Excellent for beginning and early readers
*Great for reading aloud with friends and family
*Illustrated storybook great for a quick bedtime story

Scroll up and click ‘buy’ and spend some quality time with your child

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Bella the Dragon (Original Edition) by Barbara Nick Book Summary

Bella the Dragon is a classic picture book about the magic of friendship, the sadness of separation, and the joy of reunion. Bella is a special dragon with scales made of sparkling jewels.

Author, Barbara Nick captures the mood and magic of childhood stories in this charming first story of Bella the Dragon. IIl llustrator, Elaine Steckler, brings life to words with her exquisite illustrations

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Askepott by Igloo Books Ltd Book Summary

Det finnes ikke noe bedre enn å få en god fortelling lest høyt. Med de magiske knappene i denne fortryllende e-boka kan du høre på det klassiske eventyret og bli med til en verden av gode feer, kongelige ball og glass-sko.

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Bob the Banana by Nolan Scherer & Landon Martin Book Summary

Secret spy BTB needs help capturing a shadow cyborg. BTB calls upon Bananaman, a superhero with the power to destroy the cyborg if they work together.
This is the first book written by Nolan Scherer, age 9.

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Cinderella by Vashty & More Book Summary

Cinderella — A different kind of fairy tale.
And they lived happily ever after…

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Marina the mermaid princess, with the Princessability to Roll by C. del Toro Book Summary

Anna and bunny her fluffy friend arrive to a magical and special world, but the rainbow slide that made them arrive does not let them return to their home, so they will have to go through a series of adventures where they will meet Marina a mermaid princess, who can not walk outside the water, and Ana will help her out t and seek together for adventures.

The education and culture most start since kids,
is for that, that these stories were created.

1) Educate and sensitize kids about the different disabilities, cancer and illnesses in a different, simpler and…

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The Ghost of Custard Castle by Emma Laybourn Book Summary

Six stories about Custard Castle, which has three hundred dusty rooms, a King,a Queen, a wizard — and a ghost!

The ghost has always lived in Wizard Watchit’s tower. But now the Wizard isn’t scared of it any more, so it needs to find someone else who is…

Full of gentle excitement and humour, this collect tion of stories is ideal for younger children or for reading aloud. Shiver at The Headless Knight, shudder at The Skeleton in the Cupboard and giggle at A Visit from Count Scapula

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Bella and the Year of the Dragon — Read Aloud Edition by Barbara Nick Book Summary

Colorful and magical illustrations draw you into this engaging story as Bella flies with the kites after learning Grandfather’s secrets of dragon flying.

Bella overcomes her fear of falling and learns to fly with the help of Grandfather. Grandfather tells Bella that she was born in the Year of the Dragon a and shares a story about the animals in the Chinese Calendar to help Bella understand the importance of overcoming fears.

This Read Aloud Edition features a read to me audio option and an App Inside — a classic memory game featuring the animals of the Chinese Calendar

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Little Red Riding Hood by Linda Aksomitis Book Summary

In this easy adventure book, Little Red Riding Hood loves to be helpful. So, even though there’s a wolf in the magic forest, she agrees to cross it to take some things to Granny.

But then, she meets a stranger — could he be the wolf disguised in a cowboy hat?

You’ll find girls and women who know how to tak ke care of themselves in this fairy tale beginner reader fantasy book for children. And the wolf, well, you may discover there’s another side to the fiendish villain now that he lives in the Magic Forest! …

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Kids Learn: I Move by Kira Freed Book Summary

Kids Learn: I Move — Leveled Reading for Kids by Red Cat Reading

Want Your Children to Read with Confidence?

Your Kids Will Fall in Love with Easy Books by Red Cat Reading!

A Movement Book for 3 Year Olds.

• Start Reading in Minutes: Big, Easy to Read Letters & Pictures per Page… r>
• Listen & Repeat: Comes with Audio Pronunciation

• FAST Progress with Guided Learning — Each Page Builds Upon the Last

• Improve Reading Skills & Learn New Words

• Improve Comprehension: From Understanding Simple Words to Full Sentences

• 1,000,000+ Books Downloaded & 1,000,000…

Book Lovers ❤

Discover books you will love. Best ebook deals, handpicked reviews from popular authors. 👉

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