Boken The Dog: It´s All About Me! by Boken The Dog Book Summary

Boken the dog — Its all about me! It is what it says on the tin — an introduction to the adventures of Boken the Miniature Schnauzer. Before you can delve into his fun and fabulous adventures, you need to get to grips with who he is, where he lives, what he likes to do, who his amigos are and most importantly, what foo od he likes. Boken is a fun loving, very cheeky little chap who likes nothing more than having fun, exploring the world and loving those who love him back. Welcome to his introduction to himself and further books in his series where his adventures are fun, exciting, educational and, at times, a little bit crazy…

The Eloquent Penguin by Matthew Ryan Book Summary

RubbishBooks returns with a whole new series to entertain little monsters everywhere!

In episode two we meet one of Professor Penguin’s dearest friends: The Eloquent Penguin. He has such a wonderful way with words…unfortunately, Professor Penguin has no idea what most of those words mean!

— — — —

RubbishBooks offers short, simple, engaging stories for children of all ages.

Kids vs Rain: Where Does Rain Come From? by Peter Galante & Felipe Kolb Book Summary

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Age range: 2–7 Years old (2-year-old; 3-year-old; 4-year-old; 5-year-old; 6-year-old; 7-year-old)
Reading level: 5–7 Years old (5-year-old; 6-year-old; 7-year-old)

* Are your kids curious about difficult concepts such as, where does rain come from? *
Avoid the dreaded barrage of “Why?” and provide an easy to understand answer based off the actual water cycle with this small adventure.

With this book:

-Capture your child’s imagination with vibrant illustrations on every page.
-Learn more about the characters with our character expansion content.
-Quickly refresh…

Huff & Puff by Matthew Ryan Book Summary

Patrick finds a cloud who has fallen out of the sky. Can he get the little cloud back home?

— — — —

RubbishBooks offers short, simple, engaging stories for children of all ages.

Just Because by Matthew Ryan Book Summary

Kevin is a very clever little monster, he always knows the answers to all of Arty’s questions. Which is a very good thing since Arty has so very many questions to ask!

— — — —

RubbishBooks offers short, simple, engaging stories for children of all ages.

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Enigma by Wolf Black Book Summary

This book is a good old-fashioned read.

Pure and simple.

When a serial killer starts preying on young mothers, it’s up to Love, and his sophisticated partner Stuart Le Fanu, to employ their MI6 state-of-the-art equipment along with good old-fashioned detective skills to discover the identity of the killer r before he can strike again.
Enigma has the obligatory twists and turns leading up to a hair-raising yet humorous car chase through the stylish streets of south Kensington, London, in addition to placing the reader unreservedly in touch with real life.

And that’s the crux.

Wolf Black has stepped into…

The Bear Trap by Paul Doiron Book Summary

“Breathless pacing, dark humor, wildlife, and vivid characters.” — Boston Globe

In this original short story in the Mike Bowditch mystery series, legendary Maine woodsman and bush pilot Charley Stevens tries to convince young Mike Bowditch of the dangers awaiting rookie game wardens.


“Nobody knows the woods of Maine like the rugged individuals who eke out a living by hunting, fishing and cutting timber. And nobody knows the region’s inhabitants like Mike Bowditch, the young game warden in Paul Doiron’s manly mysteries.” — New York Times Book Review

“Paul Doiron…

Frozen by Ann Cleeves Book Summary

As New York Times bestseller Ann Cleeves’ popularity explodes in print and on TV, this gripping e-short, “Frozen,” will introduce readers to the inimitable DI Vera Stanhope.

For once, Detective Inspector Vera Stanhope is managing to have a good day off. Strolling around town, she ducks into a new bookshop in a r renovated chapel. But just as she does, a skeleton is discovered in the old baptismal font. Soon, a decade old mystery is revived, and Vera must uncover secrets long buried before this case once again goes cold

Widowmere by Emma Lee Bole Book Summary

The sun sets over Windermere. An artist is sketching on the shore; nearby, a beautiful young widow fills her pockets with stones and wades out into the lake…
The artist, Eden, is in England’s Lake District looking for a new start. Now she finds that deceit and death lie waiting in the shadow of the hills.

Schmincke by Allan Jones Book Summary

Meredith Pryce, an established landscape artist from South Wales, regains consciousness in a London hospital after an attack in the street. On arrival in ER she was murmuring incoherently in Welsh. The young police officer assigned to sit with her also speaks the language and they have a common interest; art and a miss sing paint box.

This short story is a prequel to The Chinese Sailor and introduces Constable Catrin Sayer, from Pontypridd. Each novel in the series is a self-contained ‘art crime’ story. Initially as a police constable in The Chinese Sailor, Sayer takes her first ‘plain clothes’…

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