Agent of Time by Nathan Van Coops

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Agent of Time by Nathan Van Coops Book Summary

How do you race a clock that runs backward?
Special Agent Stella York watched a man die in the middle of the Interstate. But he didn’t stay dead for long…
When a rookie FBI agent is tasked with solving a series of bizarre murders, her case is going nowhere. The evidence is contradictory, the timeline is impossible, and if she doesn’t solve it now, the killer will become unstoppable. Agent of Time is a mind-bending multiverse thriller. If you like twisting time travel and heroes who won’t quit, you’ll love this novella-length adventure in the world of In Times Like These.
Download. Read. Rewind.
Start your next adventure today, because yesterday may be too late.
*Caution: This novella contains spoilers for the novel In Times Like These and is best enjoyed as the second book of the series.

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