Scrambled Hard-Boiled by E.R. White, Jr.

Scrambled Hard-Boiled by E.R. White, Jr. Book Summary

Scrambled Hard-Boiled is out-of-kilter take of American Noir best described as Mickey Spillane meets the Canterbury Tales.

When you need to hire a bastard to get the job done, contact Jay Dafoe, private investigator. He’s in the Yellow Pages.

Dafoe is an unscrupulous, greedy, profane man. His only redeemi ing feature is that he’s brutally honest both about his amoral nature and in his sardonic observations of the dark side of the world he has embraced. Nothing is sacred.

Dafoe is on a case in a seemingly innocuous small town in North Carolina. What seems like an easy paycheck from a desperate father turns into a bloody killing that threatens the most important person in Jay Dafoe’s world…himself.

Scrambled Hard-Boiled isn’t a parlor game mystery. There aren’t any saints in Dafoe’s life, only varying degrees of sinners, some of whom compensate him quite well. So when it comes to murder, Dafoe doesn’t really have a problem with someone getting away with it, just as long he isn’t the victim, and he gets paid…

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