The LIFE Pocket Guide to Digital Photography

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The LIFE Pocket Guide to Digital Photography Book Summary

When LIFE published the first edition of this book in 2010, Scott Kelby, Editor-in-Chief of Photoshop User magazine (and a guru in the world of digital shooting), wrote, “Joe McNally has put together the LIFE Guide to Digital Photography, which is packed full of tips, tricks, how-to, and beautiful pictures from Joe’s thirty-plus-year photo career. If you’ve ever experienced one of Joe’s workshops or seminars, you know he’s a fantastic teacher, and this book is an extension of that. While he does write about the basics of photography, if you know Joe, you know that he’s found a way to work his own sense of humor and familiarity in with all the nuts and bolts to make it an entertaining read.”

Thousands of photo fans agreed, and eagerly joined Joe on his happy journey through the pixelated world of modern-day photography. In so doing, they learned from one of LIFE’s master shooters-in fact, the final in the long line of distinguished LIFE staff photographers-who encouraged them that, with a little preparation and care, with a dash of enthusiasm and daring, anyone can make a better photo: Anyone can turn a “keeper” into a treasure.

It has since become clear to Joe and the editors of LIFE that their Guide to Digital Photography was built to last-that its tips and tone had struck a chord with photography enthusiasts everywhere. One thing it wasn’t, however, was built to fit in your camera bag when you were heading into the field. Now it is! Here’s the digest-sized version, filled with the same wonderful collection of McNally photography, beautifully illustrating the points Joe is making. Everything you need to know about light and lenses, about color or composition, is in these pages. And now, when you’re just about to click and you wonder “What would Joe advise?” the answer is at your fingertips.

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